Beat the Chill

On: 7 May 2019 

Reptile Heating

Providing your reptiles with the correcting year-round is essential. A reptile's body temperature will impact almost every facet of their behaviour and welbeing, including their digestive system, immune system, mental health, activity levels and has a significant role in breeding behaviour and reproduction.

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Aquarium Heating

Often we forget that Siamese Fighting Fish and every tropical or marine aquarium requires heating to maintain the optimum temperature of your livestock. 

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Small Animal Winter Bedding

As the colder nights are upon us it's vitally important for you to remember that our little furry babies can be quite susceptible to the cold.   You need to remember to take extra care during the winter months so our Guinea Pigs, Rats and Mice don't get a chill.  So ensure that you provide a safe and covered area where they can retain heat and make it through the chilly winter nights.  Providing multiple houses and hides where Guinea Pigs or Rats can cuddle each other and keep warm.   

During Winter try to give animals cosy beds, tunnels and hammocks that are soft and help them stay nice and toasty.  Fleece and flannel accessories are ideal for Winter and are easily washable.   Make sure you cover their cage if they are in a draughty or cold area overnight.  Smaller and young Guinea Pigs have a higher risk of feeling the cold and it can be detrimental to their health, so make sure to pay them close attention over Winter.  

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Winter Bedding for small animals examples