Pink Tongued Skinks

Quick Facts

  • Scientific name:  Cyclodomorphus gerrardii
  • Common name: Pink Tongued Skink
  • Country of Origin:  Australia
  • Average Life Span:  Approximately 15-20 years
  • Size:  ~40cm
  • Enclosure Size (adult):  3-4ft (90cm-120cm)
  • Temperature: 30-32 Degrees Celcius Hot Spot
  • UV Requirements: ~5% UVB (depends on light distance)
  • Dietary Requirements: Juvenile: ~60% Insects (snails, crickets, silkworms), ~40% Vegetable Mix with High Quality Pellet; Adult: ~40% Insects (snails, crickets, silkworms), ~60% Vegetable Mix with High Quality Pellets
  • Care Level: Low
  • Temperament: Shy, can be friendly with enough handling
  • Other Information:  Nocturnal - Most active at night; Quiet – Perfect for units or townhouses; Like high humidity

Pink Tongued Skinks are great for for new and experienced reptile owners alike, being similar to their relatives the Blue Tongued Skinks. Pink Tongued Skinks are known for their striking patterns and sleek appearance. These little cuties grow to about 30cm and are more active around twilight and after dark . So if you love a sleep-in this could be your kind of pet.

Note: A recreational wildlife license is required to keep reptiles in QLD.